Why a Business Degree is Important When Hiring

Historically, business degrees have been brushed aside in the same group of people who study for a media degree or who chose to study General Studies as a subject at school. In fact, some even advise that getting a business degree isn’t worth it. However, this isn’t the case anymore, and as a prospective employer you should let the stereotypes of a business degree stop you from hiring someone; in fact, there are many benefits of hiring someone with a business degree.


They’ll be great for that entry level position

Many graduates who have studied business will have been exposed to different areas of the business plan, and will therefore be more flexible and willing to pick up different areas of the position you’re offering them. In addition to this, most business students will have some sort of work experience already, as this is usually a requirement of their course, so will be able to jump right into the deep end. You also won’t have to spend ages teaching them how to get to grips with Excel spreadsheets, and they’ll be able to make sense of facts and figures put in front of them.


Most business degrees are specialised

Nowadays, most business degrees specialise in a certain sector, such as marketing, finance, management, or even human resources. Universities such as Middlesex University even offer business courses in Business Economics which enables students to get to grips with economics in a business environment. These areas of specialisation make an employee more valuable, and it’s more likely that they can bring something new into the mix. It’s also easier to see where they will fit into your company if they have an area of specialisation.


They can bring good contacts

If your prospective employee has studied at one of the best business universities, or simply took a really good degree, it’s likely that the people they studied with will also go on to be successful business people, and your employee will be well connected within the industry. In addition to this, if they’ve studied at a university which hires influential businesspeople to run the course, they’ll be a good point of call should you ever need to schmooze.


They will want to go far

It might sound silly, but students who have studied for a business degree are serious about how a business works, so it’s far more likely that your prospective employee will aspire to put their knowledge to the test in a management role. Working with ambitious people will help your long-term strategy and encourage growth within your company.

Why a Business Degree is Important When Hiring
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