Top tips for business travellers

Travelling for business can be bittersweet. For some, the chance to see new places, even on a limited timetable, is exciting. But for others, particularly those who do it regularly, it can quickly get tiresome. All that packing and unpacking, getting on and off trains and planes and never being able to sleep in your own bed can take its toll.

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Whether business travel is a rare perk or something you have to endure every month, read on for some top tips on making the most of it.


Pack carefully

However you travel it is wise to not have to carry too much, so avoid packing things you won’t really need. So the hotel has a gym; are you really going to find time to use it with all those meetings scheduled? If you go by public transport you have to drag your case along, which is tiring and annoying. If you fly you could easily be hit with a hefty charge if your case is overweight.

Pack sensibly and conservatively.


Check the rules

If you are flying check the rules on hand luggage allowances before you set off. There are many restrictions and you really do not want to get pulled up as your bag goes through the X-ray machine.

Things such as lighters, small bottles of liquid and knitting needles are allowed in the cabin, but must be properly packed and declared.


Prepare your paperwork

A day or two before you leave gather all your paperwork and place it in a special folder or envelope. Double check that you have all tickets, hotel reservations details, your passport and so on. Knowing that you have done this ahead of time will save stress on departure day.

Use this folder during your trip to hold receipts that you need to claim for when you get back to the office.


Anticipate delays

However you travel you are likely to face delays sooner or later. Anticipate these situations by giving yourself plenty of time to make connections or drive to a meeting. Knowing that you have time to spare will reduce your stress and allow you to arrive ready to work.


Do your research

If you are travelling to a new destination spend some time finding out about the area. Look at recommended restaurants in case you want to get out of the hotel one night. In fact, hotels, such as the Kempinski Hotel Adlon, can be a great place to find out more about the area. Most hotels will have great information on where to visit and what to see  Find out about local sports teams so you can impress clients by asking how their latest game went. Or simply research where the nearest park is so you can get some much-needed fresh air after your journey.

Top tips for business travellers
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