Entertaining International Clients

International business has quickly become crucial to surviving in a global economy, however with different personal and business cultures, it can be difficult to know the right and wrong ways to entertain clients visiting internationally. Below are some of the right ways to entertain your clients to ensure that you don’t insult their culture and keep their business.

Eat Locally and Traditionally

Many business hosts attempt to impress their international guests by inviting them to a fine-dining restaurant which mainly consists of French foods, or in the worst case, poorly cooked re-imagined versions of their own traditional foods. Instead, take your guests to a restaurant or dining experience which serves dishes traditional not only to your country but to your city. If you feel like your guest will enjoy something truly local, don’t be afraid to take them to your local pizza joint if that is what your city is known for, however, be mindful that the low price doesn’t insult them. Pay attention to your guests and gauge their interests with light probing questions.

Pamper Your Guests

Hammering out a complex business deal can not only be stressful to your guest’s mind but also exhausting on their body. At the closure of a deal, take your international guests to a day spa for a massage in Milwaukee. If your guest is male, consider a visit to a traditional barber also to help them revitalise their image and prepare their skin for the long flight home. If your guests are female, and while it may seem stereotypical, a day of shopping can be a great way to shake off any residual business stress and designer clothing can be a great gift for them to appreciate.

Of Course, It Can Also Help to Go Large

If you receive the feeling that your guest might like something a little more exciting and perhaps involves some fine wine or champagne, nothing will top getting a VIP table at a local hot-spot. With the opportunity to meet celebrities and enjoy guest DJs, these space can work to help your guests completely forget about the intensity the business deal you both just closed. While this may seem unorthodox, many Latin American cultures greatly enjoy dancing as a way to de-stress and this can flow through to their business culture.
Helping your guests to enjoy your country and city is crucial to ensuring a continued working business relationship, so pay attention to their personality, ask the right questions and be sure to show them an enjoyable time.

Entertaining International Clients