What items make for effective promotional gifts?

I love buying presents for my loved ones, whether it’s for a special occasion such as Christmas or I just feel like treating them. But purchasing gifts shouldn’t be restricted to friends and family, which is one of the key reasons why I believe organisations of all sizes should consider using promotional gifts as part of their marketing strategy.

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Of course, I’m not suggesting that you should splash out on the same designer clothes, perfumes and games consoles that you may get for friends and family members when looking for business gifts. Instead, I think you’re best off searching for less expensive, yet still high-quality, promotional items to express your company’s best wishes for the recipient.

Tailor your promotional gifts to the particular audience. Are you targeting colleagues or loyal clients? Are you simply looking to use promotional merchandise as part of a retail promotion or to raise brand awareness among the general public? What is your budget – do you have hundreds of pounds to spend, or thousands?

And which products make for effective promotional gifts? Although there are a wide range of products to choose from, that’s not to say that each one will always be right for your business or its intended recipient. Instead, you ought to select your items carefully. Among your options are:

Hampers – If you’re searching for promotional corporate gifts to give to chief executives and other key decision-makers, hampers are usually well-received. A hamper can be personalised with delicious gourmet food and wine from the recipients’ favourite stores. Alternatively, you might like to give a hamper at the annual Christmas party to the member of staff who you feel has gone the extra mile over the past year.

Chocolates – If you’re looking to give gifts to your entire workforce, consider handing out small packets of chocolates. After all, virtually everyone likes tucking into something sweet. Small packets of chocolate tend to be portable and lightweight, which also makes them perfect to incorporate in a direct mail campaign to attract new customers.

Seasonal gifts – Items such as stockings and Santa hats can help add a touch of festive cheer to a workplace in the run-up to Christmas. The latter could be worn at parties, while having a row of stockings hanging along a wall provides a good place to put small gifts for your staff to collect before they take time off for Christmas. Alternatively, you may want to consider spooky, yet fun, gifts for Halloween or get products that feature bunny rabbits for Easter.

Pens and cups – Admittedly, mugs and pens probably aren’t the first thing to spring to mind when it comes to promotional gifts, but they do have universal appeal. Most of us pick up a pen or mug on a daily basis. How about personalising a set of mugs for your colleagues with a staff photo? Or investing in a set of engraved pens to send to loyal clients that feature your logo and call to action?

Do you have a forthcoming marketing campaign? What promotional gifts are you thinking of sending out? Please leave a comment and let us know!


What items make for effective promotional gifts?
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