The Dentistry Show 2014

Held at the end of February in Birmingham, 2014’s Dentistry Show is a must-visit exhibition for many dental practices wanting to get ahead of the pack.

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With over 350 trade stands and more than 130 lectures and workshops, this event caters for the entire profession across two whole days.

What the Dentistry Show is especially good for is gaining an insight into possible trends the industry could be set to follow in the future and how you can take advantage of them to make sure that a practice fulfils its potential.


There are plenty of reasons why you should take the time to visit the Dentistry Show 2014.

One of the highlights each year is the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops – with four new classes taking place this time around. The reason why these are so popular is that they give delegates the chance to experience techniques and materials that have yet to go mainstream first-hand, while also continuing the development of their practical skills.

Further additions to the programme include the new Business Skills Workshops, offering owners and managers advice on how to run their enterprise successfully. Tips on making the most of social media, SEO and team building all feature across several 20-minute sessions and could really make the difference to those looking for extra help in taking their practice to the next level.


With over 6,000 dental professionals visiting the most recent Dentistry Show in 2013, suppliers and manufacturers understandably see it as the ideal platform to showcase their upcoming goods and services.

Those looking to lead the way when it comes to adopting new procedures and technology would be well-advised to check out the wares on show here, with a unique opportunity to test many of them out and engage the experts with any questions you may have before you choose to invest.

The list of exhibitors is still growing daily, allowing you to experience a real cross-section of what the industry has to offer and also enabling you to negotiate the best deals with suppliers.

Planning for the future

So, with much of the emphasis throughout the exhibition being placed on the future of the industry, it’s important to know how you can take advantage of what you’ve seen.

An unsecured practice loan is one of the easiest options to obtain the cash needed for worthwhile investments, with one of the main advantages being that there is no requirement to secure either personal assets or your business against the financial agreement.

While banks often ask question on what their money will be used for before they decide whether to lend it or not, unsecured loans can be used for anything related to your practice from buying new equipment to tax liabilities.

The fact that a deposit isn’t required means repayment options are flexible and there are no other demands like having to switch banks emphasises why many businesses are now choosing this path over more traditional forms of lending to make sure that their firm is firm is fit for the future.


The Dentistry Show 2014
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