Running A Business And Doing Good: Two-Birds-One-Stone Style!

Businessman multitasking

Running a business isn’t easy. At the very least, its time-consuming nature means you don’t have as much time for everything as you would like and so it helps to learn to multitask.

Charity work is a prime example of something that can get pushed back when trying to run a business. In an ideal world, we would set time aside for it but when business matters come first, something has to give.

Of course, there are always solutions and here are a number of areas where you can do your part without taking up valuable time.


Charity and Stationary

You don’t often hear these two words in conjunction with each other but buying your stationery from a stationary companies that have a charitable scheme in place, you can help make a difference to those in need while you order essential office equipment. You’re ordering these things anyway, why not also do some good while you’re at it?

Here’s how it works- every stationary item you buy from a company like, they give a percentage of the sale to charity. As such, you get your essential office supplies but you can also feel good knowing that you’ve done a little for charity too.


Carbon Emissions and Electricity

Likewise every business uses power but where does this electricity come from? Switching to a greener provider might not change anything your end but it helps do your part for the environment. Again, this is a simple change that has bigger consequences for the world at large, without taking up your precious time.

The main aim of green power is to cut energy expenditure and carbon emissions but it’s not just the fuel sources we use to power our computers that need to be taken into account. Why not introduce a scheme to encourage staff to commute to work using bicycles or look at top tips for business travellers and think of ways to make any long distance journeys you make on behalf of your company more environmentally friendly.


Charity and Marketing

If you deal with the public or even have a large work force, offering to put a charity donation jar somewhere takes little effort. Not only does this help do your part to raise funds but it makes use of the change that people collect but seldom use.

It can also help with your company image but, more importantly, collects money for a chosen cause with minimal effort on anyone’s time and resources. It’s also subtle; you’re not forcing anyone’s hand the option to give is always there.


Fair Trade Goods and Feeding Staff

Finally, if you have a kitchen or other food resources, have you considered fair trade goods? It takes little change in your shopping but choosing fair trade over non-fair trade helps send money to where it can be most effective. All this and you can still stock the kitchen.


Recycling and Office Supplies

It’s already been stated that you can buy your office supplies from charitable firms but have you spared a thought for the type of basics you buy? The chances are you go through a lot of paper, whether for filing, hand outs or any other use. This is a prime example of something that can be bought in a recycled form. This limits deforestation while encouraging recycling as a whole. On top of that you can still buy as much paper as you want or need. Recycling paper, especially in bulk, can even be cheaper if you know where to look.


Other areas of similar interest can include the likes of plastic. Again, if you can recycle something rather than disposing of it in landfill then you have every reason to do so. It’s another small change that has large effects.

Running A Business And Doing Good: Two-Birds-One-Stone Style!
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