How To Use Pop Up Display Stands Like The Top 10 Ad Campaigns

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The Top 10 Most Effective Ad Campaigns


Often, the best campaigns are the ones with slogans and graphics that speak to us, and if your company finds one that they can use uniformly that works and can use on all of their promotional materials, they’re very lucky. Some of these worldwide companies have achieved that success with the following examples.


No matter where you are, the DeBeers, “A Diamond Is Forever,” has been popular for decades since it appeals to brides to be and the priceless gem of diamonds.  While only recent, Old Spice, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” campaign has taken off since 2010 when using photos of a shirtless man on a stud because it appealed to the senses again.


Other big name companies like Nike’s “Just Do It,” and Apple, “Get A Mac,” are such well-known slogans that if they didn’t appear on an exhibition stand design, attendees would wonder why. Now as you begin to plan your ad campaign, remember to include well-known graphics and slogans, especially if your brand is internationally recognized.


Incorporating A Pop Up Display Stand Australia


An Australian pop up display is one of the best promotional materials at trade and exhibition shows because they can be set up in less than five minutes, and the banners then pop up easily.  In order to get all the technical details you need, try using something like the Strandroid pop up display stand, which includes full motion TV wall mounts.  These are ideal if you like running demonstrations at your exhibition booth as it supports up to a 52 inch flat screen monitor. The wires can be hidden easily with black fabric so all the audience sees id your logo and demos or interactive activities showing.


In addition, you may want to supplement your display stand with a counter table so you can organize promotional brochures as you mingle with attendees.  Since it helps to keep things uniform in colour, consider purchasing some show table covers in vibrant complementary colours. You can purchase them with or without your logo on them.  You can also supplement your pop up display stand Australia with a wooden easel display. Consider buying one that’s around 60 inches high and 24 inches wide so that you can feature smaller signs highlighting prize details, or specific items at your booth.

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Tying Your Ad Campaign Together

In order for you to have a successful ad campaign like other infamous worldwide companies, you need vibrant pop up displays at trade shows, a recognizable slogan, and wording that sells. Words like “New,” grab buyers’ attention as do “Save Money,” and Guaranteed.” In the fashion world, other tag words like “Love,” and You,” work wonders especially with promoting jewellery or apparel, because a woman wants to feel loved in precious gems and she wants to good and feel loved in her clothing.


Author Bio: Mark Thomas has a strong understanding of people and has the unique gift of reading both women and men.  He worked as a model for years before advancing in the marketing world, where he creates and advertises new fashion apparel and accessories. While he’s become popular with almost everyone because of his ability to read people, he typically prefers to work alone as he believes he’ll succeed better.




How To Use Pop Up Display Stands Like The Top 10 Ad Campaigns