Branding ideas for schools

Schools are always looking for ways to develop a good reputation in their local area and beyond. Being well thought of not only helps them to attract new students, which is their ultimate aim, but it should also make it easier for educational establishments to become part of the community.

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There is more to building a good reputation than just returning impressive GCSE and A-Level results, as parents want to know a bit more about the school. Transport links, extracurricular activities and the history of the institution will all be taken into consideration – alongside academic performance – before mums and dads make a final decision.

However, outside of the school gates, there are plenty of ways for locations to develop their branding and spread their name in a way that should also boost their reputation. Here are a few tips for schools looking to garner more attention:

Drawstring bags

Giving out – or selling – branded drawstring bags for PE kits or everyday use is one way to capture the attention of the local community. Not only do these bags provide schools with a fantastic opportunity to display their logo, they are also lightweight and easy to carry. Perfect for students and sport lovers alike, pupils will be able to find many uses for the bags, such as carrying football boots or swimming gear. Throw in a branded PE kit and learning centres can be sure their name is going to get noticed.

Hi-vis bags

School trips can create a headache for teachers and parents. Keeping a close eye on 30 or 40 students at once can be tricky, especially if the location is outdoors. However, by distributing hi-vis bags, this problem can be solved as schoolkids are much easier to spot. The bags come with a reflective strip at the base, which means youngsters will be easily identifiable even when it starts to get dark. There is an added safety boost to this, as it means road users will be able to spot children. On top of this, schools can benefit from the opportunity to showcase their logo outside their main buildings.


Sports clubs typically play a big part in the community, so what better way to get yourself noticed than provide them with some branded items. T-shirts, hats, fleeces and sports bottles will all come in handy with these groups, while it should also work as a nice branding opportunity. It shows support for important community initiatives and also means that your school’s branding is visible in a number of different locations. This could also be extended to school sporting groups.


Schoolchildren will always need stationery to go about their days. Branded pens, folders and calculators are all really useful items and should make it much easier for pupils to complete their studies. Monthly competitions could be organised whereby the best performing student in each class gets to choose a personalised gift, which should incentivise youngsters to take their studies seriously.

One thing is clear, schools should not be afraid to think outside the box when to comes to their brading. Combining traditional advertisements with other methods, such as promotional products, is a great way to get your logo out there and make sure the relevant members of the community are aware of who your school is.


Branding ideas for schools
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