3 Great things that Norway has brought to the world

I was in Norway recently on a business trip, it’s a fantastic place to do business. The country is truly remarkable and full of history. The people there are so welcoming and friendly, I found it a real pleasure to be there on a business trip. Some nights I headed home early due to being tired from long evenings, if you’re looking for ways to pass the evening the look for this site in Google. Norway is stepped in culture and history, it is also one of Europe’s leaders when it comes to modernism. The best things about Norway are it’s cuisine, design and art, these three things have been influenced by the culture and history of the country.

Alesund, Norway


If you are heading over to Norway then leave any idea of diet at home. I always think it’s a crime to travel to a new country and not try as much food as possible. I am glad that I wasn’t watching my waistline because it gave me the opportunity to eat as much as possible during business lunches and diners. Smoked Salmon is a must, it is the one of the largest exports that leaves the shores of Norway each year. You will also have the opportunity to taste a lot of cured meats and cheeses.


There are many famous cultural icons that have come out of Norway, they are famous the world over. Firstly you have Henril Ibsen, he is one of the world’s most famous writers, probably only succeeded by Mr Shakespeare. We have all see the painting ‘The Scream’ what you may have not known is that the artist was Edvard Munch, one of the countries most famous artists. If you get the chance then take an afternoon to wander around some of the galleries. Art is definitely a Norwegian game, it is one that they are a world leader in.


The architecture and design that you will see inside buildings is remarkable and some of the best I have ever been fortunate enough to see. Scandinavia as a while is famous for it’s interior design and furniture. There are many great pieces to look at and try not to buy! It’s tough to see such great furniture and not want to ship back home immediately, I tried and failed! You can spend hours walking through the streets and marvelling in the beautiful architecture, you will see the history shining through in many of the buildings. My best advice is to leave yourself an extra day after you have finished your business to walk around and get lost in which ever city you are staying in.

3 Great things that Norway has brought to the world
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