Using online learning to take charge of your own career

The advent of the internet has changed many things over the years, including how you take online courses. Online learning is becoming increasingly popular.

The number of courses being studied online over the past decade has continued to rise. Almost a third of students have taken at least one course online. The year 2011 saw a huge rise in numbers of people taking online courses; by the fall term of 2011, 6.7 million students were studying via this method – 570,000 more than 12 months earlier.

Crucially, the majority of academic leaders, 77%, claim the learning outcomes of online learning match or even excel those of traditional face-to-face learning. That figure should ease any concerns you may have about the value of online courses.

Among the advantages offered by online courses are the skills you can pick up while studying. They include an improved attitude to learning. Learning is also much speedier, with research showing that the results achieved by online students compared with those who study via traditional methods (face-to-face with lecturers in the classroom) will be the same, if not better, in only half the time.


Online courses also offer a wide range of skills for an equally wide range of professions, such as website building, Java programming, Android programming, content marketing and business law, as well as those associated with computer forensics.

Universities are now recognizing the advantages of online education. Not only does it allow them to continue to attract their own traditional catchment of students, but opening up their own video channels also enables them to draw students from across the globe.

When considering the benefits of online learning, the most important questions to ask are, how will this benefit you when studying for your Computer Forensics degree, and how can it improve your career prospects?


One of the most crucial advantages is that by studying online, via a PC, laptop, or mobile device, you will be developing those essential technological skills for your chosen career. Those skills will be honed further because the courses are drawn up and taught by people who have expertise in their particular fields. Skills will be further enhanced by cutting-edge teaching through the likes of virtual classrooms, online libraries and discussion forums, video lectures and web videos. The knowledge and skills learned from the online course will give you a strong base from which to start a career in digital forensics.

Obviously, online learning is not the only way to study. Traditional learning methods have worked for many in the past and will continue to work in the future. Some students find that a mixture of learning methods, face to face and online, is the best for them, but online learning is much more versatile and will offer you the opportunity to fit learning around your other commitments. This is the main advantage of online learning, and if it is the best way for you to take charge of your own career choices, then it should be seriously considered.

Using online learning to take charge of your own career