Top 5 Global Finance Centers For Living

Considering a career move? Want to get closer to the action, but still want to enjoy a good quality of life? The global financial industry is a powerful machine, but a huge part of it depends on networking who you know, and being in the right place at the right time. Check out these five cities where the real money moves, but living is still great:

Top 5 Global Finance Centers 1

1. Shanghai
The world’s largest city is also quickly becoming one of its best destinations for shopping and finance. If the frantic pace of life excites you, and you want to be in the epicenter of the action in about five years, put roots down here. Be warned, it’s an intense place, but the payoff is entirely worth it.

2. Geneva
Tradition, high culture, and an established reputation as one of the most stable and pleasant financial capitals of the world—what more could you ask for? Living in Switzerland offers a variety of unique bonuses, like proximity to so many other fascinating European locales, an abundance of urban and natural opportunities

Top 5 Global Finance Centers 23. Edinburgh
Often overlooked but entirely charming, Edinburgh is the best of many worlds. The booming Scottish financial industry led by the Bank of Scotland, an excellent local arts and music scene, and a small, intimate size combine to make it a great place to live. London’s great, but making the move here will expose you to a new history, culture, and laidback lifestyle. This is one of our top picks.

4. New York
It’s tough to beat the New York City lifestyle. With one of the world’s most diverse and fascinating cities right at your fingertips, you have access to literally anything that you’re interested in. The New York Stock Exchange remains one of the most important determinants of financial trends, and every bank or institution of any importance has at least one office (if not their central headquarters) well established in the stylish financial district.

Top 5 Global Finance Centers 35. Hong Kong
Forget Shenzhen, which has about as much cultural appeal as an endless sea of concrete high-rises. Hong Kong has a vibrant nightlife, a diverse populace, a wealth of activities, and easy access to anywhere else in the world. It is growing fast—why not join the trend and be part of one of the hottest cities in Asia?

Of course, there are many other financial centers located across Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and the Middle East. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find places as pleasant to live in as these while you pursue a career in finance. Enjoy!


Top 5 Global Finance Centers For Living
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