Top 5 coolest office design trends

It’s important to stay motivated and inspired at all times during your working day, but this can only be achieved if the interior design of your office is fun and stimulating. There are lots of great ways you can bring your working space to life – read on to hear our pick of the coolest office design trends!

Minimalist office
1. Recycled wood

One great idea is to use pallets of wood to create work benches and desktops, as this will give your office a traditional, sustainable decor that will keep your mind fresh and active throughout the day.

It’s also an extremely eco-friendly approach to interior design, given that you’re making the most of natural resources. This may be a simplistic trend, but it’s very effective and looks beautiful too.

You could even complete the look with new commercial floors from the Solid Wood Flooring Company, where you can find a wealth of stunning, durable and cheap surfaces.
2. Blue

Making blue the dominant colour in your office will help to establish an atmosphere of calm and tranquility as you work. As a shade associated with ambience and reflection, it’s sure to make you think more clearly and deal with tasks more effectively.

Interior designer Sergey Makhno in particular has been known to use blue in his office interiors, contrasting various shades of the colour with one another to create a natural and peaceful vibe.


3. Minimalist

For a truly stripped back office decor, why not adopt a minimalist approach to the design of your office? The less cluttered a working environment is, the better, as you won’t be distracted by any mess and you will instead benefit from improved concentration.

You could install long, white desks set against stark white walls and light grey facades, but add splashes of colour here and there – bright red or black chairs, for example – to create a dramatic contrast. This look is great for an office that boasts high ceilings and large windows.
4. Scandinavian

Scandinavians are celebrated for their ability to transform a space into a contemporary and bright – yet comfortable and warm – area to live and work in.

Light wooden floors can be installed to complement a wood panelled ceiling, while a scattering of colourful and unusual accessories will add personality and character to the office. Whites and neutral shades for the walls will make for an elegant backdrop to your working day.

You’ll be spending a large proportion of your time in this room, so getting it right is just as important as your home design!
5. Quirky

Why not take inspiration from the offices at LEGO Group? Designed by Bosch and Fjord, they blend elements of the extraordinary with classic and practical styles.

Combining clean lines and angular worktops with curvy desks and functional cabinets, these spaces are unusual and efficient at the same time.

If you work in a creative office, then you could strive to achieve a similar look. When it comes to painting the walls, pastel shades – like duck egg blue or mint green – are most appropriate.


Top 5 coolest office design trends
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