What sort of jobs are available in the IT industry?

There are many benefits to moving into the IT industry; firstly it is a booming sector with myriad job opportunities, then there is the fact that it encompasses such a wide variety of job roles.

If you are a student looking for some advice on where an apprenticeship in IT could lead you, then this guide to the different careers within the ICT sector may help you.

Computer programmer

This is most definitely a desk-based role and requires you to write code to create software programmes. The job would therefore suit you if you enjoy working on your own, as well as occasionally being required to work as part of a team.

A software developer will write code and your job as a computer programmer would be to turn that into instructions that can be followed by a machine.

There are many emerging technologies that require programmers and so you could end up working in interactive television or games development, for instance.

From this type of role you may be able to graduate to team leader, project manager or even production manager.

If you have a logical mind, can work in a methodical manner and enjoy resolving problems, then this could be the right type of job for you.

Network architect

A network architect is responsible for designing and building a data communication network.

This could involve developing a local area network, wide area network or intranet. The scope for projects within this role is huge. You could find yourself responsible for building a small connection between two offices, or a series of globally distributed communications systems – it depends on the company and their needs.

As companies grow, they will require more mobile and wireless networks and so this is a good role to look into if you are searching for job security.

Systems analyst 

If you love analysing how something works and dreaming up ways of making it more efficient, then systems analyst could be the perfect role for you. It requires you to look at a company’s existing IT infrastructure and procedures, you will then be required to work out how they can operate in a more effective and efficient way. This means it is your responsibility to design information systems solutions that solve problems.

To be good at this type of role, you need a passion for both business and IT and how they can work together.

A boom in IT areas such as cloud computing, mobile networks and cybersecurity will mean these types of roles will become increasingly in demand.

Web developer

If you have ever harboured an ambition to design and build a website or have already done so, then this is the role for you. In addition to being responsible for the look of a site, you will also have to work out its performance, database aspects of the sire and you may be responsible for content.

This role is an ideal mix of technical and creative and would suit you if you think you have a logical mind, but can also look at the bigger picture.

What sort of jobs are available in the IT industry?