Smart promotional products that work for every business

In order for your business to be successful you need to advertise. How will people know your business exists without being told? You don’t need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into advertising. If you are working with a small budget consider investing in promotional products. The following article lists some smart promotional products that you should consider using for your business.

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Business Cards

Business cards

Business cards are the best way to network, whether it’s with other businesses or customers. The best way to take advantage of the power business cards have is to supply them at social gatherings. You want the customer to tie an interaction with the card and therefore your business. It’s best to always have a business card on hand; you should never be caught without one. You can’t predict the future after all. Don’t just limit yourself to a white rectangle. Go above and beyond. Cheap business cards don’t have to come with low quality. Get brainstorming and don’t let your imagination limit your creativity.


Custom promotional pens are great tools for marketing. We all have that moment when we reach for a pen and not a single one can be found. Everyone can always do with more pens. Provide your business name, logo and contact information, that’s all you need. Go for a custom design or simply choose your businesses logo colours. Every time a customer reaches for a pen they should be reminded of your business.


Magnets are great because they don’t get hidden away. They go straight on the fridge where they are seen every day. This also saves your customer from having to sort through their stack of paper to find your business details. Your contact information will always be nearby and in the front of mind.


This idea works best when the context is relevant to your business. If your business is about outdoors, physical activity, pets or something along those lines this is great promo idea. A Frisbee may be old school but it’s something that most people wouldn’t purchase themselves but would happily accept a complimentary one. It’s fun too, which will therefore be associated with your business.


Promotional products that have a function are always viewed as handy by customer. If the product actually does something then there is a reason to keep it. It won’t just be taking up space and gathering dust. Mugs are a great way to advertise your business and provide your customers with your details. They will be reminded of your business every time they have their morning coffee. This will put you in the front of their mind, right where you want to be.

Written by Jasmine Poole

Smart promotional products that work for every business