Simple Ways To Save Money

Whether you are worried about an upcoming retirement, the cost of education for your children or even the next house payment, you may be trying to figure out how to save money. Although there are many ways in which you can save a significant amount of money quickly, such as downsizing your home or selling a big-ticket item, little things can also add up to substantial savings. Here are some of the common, as well as the lesser-known, simple ways to save money on a day-to-day basis.

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Always Bring a Bag When Shopping

You probably already know that bringing along a reusable bag when grocery shopping is good for the environment, but it can also save you a little money along the way. Stores typically give you a discount when you bring your own bag, and that little amount can add up over the course of a year.


Get Rid of or Downsize Your Gym Membership

Keeping fit is an admirable goal and an important part of being healthy, but you don’t have to pay hefty monthly fees in order to do so. If you aren’t using the gym regularly, think about getting rid of your membership and taking up jogging outdoors instead. Or, ask your gym if they have off-peak flexible memberships, which allow you to work out during certain times and are often half the price of a traditional membership.


Stop Using Paper Towels and Napkins

These items might be convenient, but they are also pricey. Stick with cloth hand towels and napkins to save money.


Invest in an Upgraded Thermostat

It’s no secret that adjusting the temperature a few degrees up or down depending on the time of year can reduce your energy bills. By investing in a newer model that can be programmed, you can adjust the temperature when you are sleeping or at work to save even more.


Prioritise the Important Things

Even when you are focused on trimming the fat from your budget, it’s important to keep some things a priority. Life insurance and health insurance, for example, cost money up front but are invaluable in an emergency. You can shop online to compare life insurance providers that fit your price range.


Get a Gas Price Comparison App on Your Phone

Tired of blowing your budget at the pump? Download a free or inexpensive app for your phone that compares and updates the price of gas in your area. You’ll be able to access the cheapest price per litre or gallon in just a few seconds.


Start Buying and Cooking in Bulk

The average household wastes a lot of food, and often that waste is attributed to buying ingredients that can only be used in a single meal. To avoid this level of waste, start buying ingredients in bulk, and then cook larger meals so that you have multiple servings. You can simply reheat leftovers for lunches for the week, or you can freeze single-serving meals to enjoy when you are too tired or busy to cook.


Opt For Online Bills Rather Than the Paper Versions

Even if you don’t know it, you might be getting charged just for receiving a bill in the mail. Utility companies, insurance providers and even your bank might charge you a small fee for sending you a paper version of your bill each month. Be sure to call and find out if you can eliminate this charge by getting your bills sent electronically as a text or as an email instead.


Head to a Dental School or Teaching Hospital for Routine Visits

If you only need a basic physical or a teeth cleaning, you might be able to save a lot by booking an appointment at a dental school or a teaching hospital. Doctors and dentists are supervised and have extensive training, but you will save big with lower fees.

Saving money doesn’t have to mean doing without your favourite things. In fact, these small but noticeable savings might not affect your daily life, but your wallet will definitely thank you.


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Simple Ways To Save Money
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