Shipping Container: It’s More than Just A Cargo Vessel

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When it comes to building materials for site office, lunchrooms, and space training centres, shipping containers are the most logical choice. That is because the benefits are immediately clear – modularity, mobility, and prefabrication. As building materials, shipping containers are very convenient and affordable. For this reason, these containers are now used for building different kinds of architectural designs for commercial purposes. In fact, shipping companies such as provides various services if you want to customise containers for our specific needs.


Top Five Shipping Container Modifications


1) Site Office Containers


Managing a team of people in a construction area requires a temporary site office. Today, there are so many choices to choose from when you need a multi-purpose construction office. Aside from mobile trailers and large modular complexes, you can also customise a shipping container for a site office unit. Container modifications allow you to choose several features that you can add to your site office such as:


•                lockable store rooms

•                air-conditioning system

•                insulated roofs

•                phone and data systems

•                heavy duty door locks

•                security shutters


Should you need more information regarding shipping container quote and sales, ask for a price guide from your office container provider.


2) Workshop Containers


If you have specific space requirements in your commercial site, then you should consider getting a mobile workshop that is made from shipping containers. With a customised workshop, you can easily apply the necessary adjustments depending on the current needs of your projects. More than just a mere shelter, a customised container workshop can be installed with optional accessories like the following:


•                roller doors

•                work benches

•                personnel doors

•                removable container ramps

•                security windows


Typically, these customisable workshop containers are available in 12m, 6m, and 3m standard sizes. Most shipping container companies in Australia offer direct delivery and made-to-order portable workshops.


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3) Container Shelters


When it comes to flexibility and functionality, you can always rely on port container shelters. Unlike the other types of container modifications, the container shelters are the easiest to install. In fact, the only materials needed are the frame footings. Here are some of the most typical uses of portable container shelters today.


•                market gardens

•                storage for chemicals and fertilisers

•                temporary buildings

•                mechanical workshops

•                storage for machinery and equipment

•                shades for harvesters, machinery, and trucks


4) Lunch Room Containers


Another cost-effective alternative is the lunch room container. Whether you have a short-term or a long-term project, this customisable and portable container is an excellent addition to your site office. It provides your staff a place to rest and eat their meals. In addition, you can also specify the size that fits your space limits as well as other additional features. In general, lunch room containers have built-in electrical outlets and other lighting accessories. Road and rail customers usually prefer this type of specialised product.


5) Training Containers


Mining projects generally need a confined space centre for seminars, trainings, and orientation. Built with several wall partitions, a customised training shipping container is specially designed for this type of work. In fact, its entire interior walls are completely black to create an exact reproduction of a real mine shaft. You may inquire about container sales near your area or hire a shipping container service.


For shipping container sales information, you may phone a reliable shipping container company to help you get started.


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Shipping Container: It’s More than Just A Cargo Vessel
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