Satellite to Digital TV: What to Expect

Have you been using satellite TV for years, but feeling frustrated with the inflated price and the hassle of dealing with your dish? There’s definitely a different way to go, and it’s the way of the future: digital TV. Digital tv packages are made to let you pick exactly what you want to watch, and completely remove the inconvenience of dealing with a satellite dish. Here are some things you can expect if you choose to make the switch from satellite over to digital TV:


Lower cost

As soon as you get your dish taken out and switch to digital TV, you’ll notice that your monthly bills are a lot lower. This is because you’ll have a lot more freedom to choose the package you want, without paying for channels you never watch. Digital TV packages from Virgin Media are designed with your ideal choices in mind, and they allow you to pick exactly which package fits your lifestyle and budget so you’ll never be surprised when your monthly bill arrives.


With digital TV, unlike satellite, you don’t have to deal with any annoying equipment or devices. Digital TV is set up to be extremely user-friendly and give you great, reliable service. You won’t have your service going out in big storms like you would with satellite service. And you can often even add in a phone line to streamline your service and just get one bill per month. Easy and convenient – just like it should be.

Great selection

Chances are, you’ll never get bored with the selection of channels available on digital TV. There is simply something for every interest, taste and need! You can pick from great movie channels, shows for children, sports, special interest, and so much more. And you are free to create the ideal combination of channels for you and your family so you’ll always have something on that someone wants to watch.


With digital TV service, unlike satellite, you can actually bring your service with you when you leave home. This means that you can access your channels from a laptop or mobile tablet, not just your TV at home! This is the beauty of digital service. So don’t worry about how you entertain the kids on your next trip, because they’ll have all their favorite shows right at their fingertips. And you’ll have all of your options available right when you need them as well.

Satellite to Digital TV: What to Expect