Retiring in Ecuador

Where do you want to spend the rest of your life? Topping all other competitors, Ecuador is recognized by those in the know as the best place to retire abroad. International Living has ranked Ecuador as the world’s best retirement destination for the past five years in a row. The city of Cuenca is an especially attractive place to settle down, but there are other cities and towns around the country that are incredibly expat-friendly. Ecuadorians are very welcoming of foreigners, and enough English is spoken to make it easy to get by without learning Spanish (though why not take the time to do some classes?).

Retiring in Ecuador 1Of course, one of the major draws is the environment and climate. As it’s located right on the equator (hence the country’s name, if you hadn’t figured that out), Ecuador has the best imaginable climate for relaxation. The gorgeous beaches (at many of which where you can rent a two bedroom apartment directly on the water for around $500 a month) are some of the best in Latin America, and the high-altitude interior of the country is temperate and spring-like year-round. This diverse range of environments allows for endless exploration, and the government is committed to protecting the natural beauty of the country.

Retiring in Ecuador 3Culturally, Ecuador offers an exciting and diverse palette. In cities like Cuenca and Quito, or smaller and more intimate towns like Vilcabamba and Cotachachi, you will find friendly people that are welcoming of foreigners and happy to share their lifestyle. The music, dance, food, and traditional practices of Ecuadorians are interesting and fun to engage in.

Retiring in Ecuador 2All of this comes at an incredibly low price tag. International Living says that a couple can live very comfortably on less than $18,000 per year. That includes rent, food, medical expenses, and more. Even on a modest retirement plan, this is manageable for many retirees. It becomes especially easy if you set up a plan with a company like, which offers mutual funds and other effective savings and investment strategies capable of creating a passive income. Foreign retirees even get extra financial incentives, like 50% discounted flights from the national airline, tickets to entertainment and events, and other things. They can also import household goods duty-free, making the moving process much more manageable. Finally, medical expenses are a fraction of what they are in the United States and other countries, without any sacrifice in quality of treatment or facilities.

These and other reasons have resulted in Ecuador’s status as the best retirement destination in the world. Most people that move there realize that they wish they had done so sooner. There are few places that you can enjoy such high quality of life and such unbelievably modest prices, and living out your golden years here is one of the best choices you can ever make.


Retiring in Ecuador
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