Looking for a career in the optical industry

If you are looking for a rewarding and successful career, look no further than the optical industry. Many people love to work in the optical industry because it gives an opportunity to help people to take care of their eye health. However, it is not that easy to go down this career path because there is no single route to follow.

This guide is an attempt to help you start a brand new career in the optical industry.

What is optometry?

It is important to first understand what optometry is. As a practicing optometrist you will diagnose vision problems and prescribe lenses and medications that patients need to enhance their eyesight and eye health. A strong commitment to this career is vital, as it takes many years to become a trained and licensed optometrist. It is a very rewarding career path if you are truly ready and committed.

Get your education

It is very important to get a college degree first before applying for an optometry school. The following are required: GED or high school diploma and a Bachelor’s degree diploma from a reputable university. Aspiring optometrists can major in any scientific field that will prepare them well for this career because there is no college major for optometry.

Recommended majors for optometry include chemistry, physics, biology or math. Optometry schools require strong and solid foundations in these areas. You can even speak to a college career counselor to get their advice on what sorts of things you should prepare for.

You need to apply and be accepted in a graduate optometry program. This is not always as easy as it sounds. In order to be accepted, you will need to take the Optometry Admissions Test. This is a very challenging exam. In order to get into an accredited graduate school program, you will have to do very well in this test.

Successful entrants recommend you to take a test prep class first to help you get the highest score possible. If you do not score well enough in the exam, you will miss your chance to get into optometry school. You can take the exam again but it is $226 each time you take it so you really do not want to do this repeatedly.

Optometry school

You will be in for four more years of challenging schooling and training after being accepted into a graduate school program. In the academic setting, you will learn the ins and outs of the optometry industry and career. It will be a great challenge and commitment but ultimately worth all the effort you put in. The costs for optometry school vary depending on whether you are going in or out of state.

Get licensed

Before you can become a practicing optometrist, you must have a license in the state you wish to practice. You will need to take your licensing exam after finishing your training program and earning your Doctor of Optometry degree. You can finally start to look for a job once you pass the licensing test. A great way to get your foot into the optometry industry is via Stanton Optical careers.


Looking for a career in the optical industry