Insurance – It’s a No Brainer

In your life, you will have made, or will make, many purchases that are very expensive, things like your car or house.

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Many people will buy certain types of insurance without a second thought. Things like car insurance are often mandatory in certain countries, but even where it is not, many people will still insure their vehicle, even if it is only third party, fire & theft cover.

So, why are so many other policies ignored or overlooked?

It is amazing to see how many people there are out there that don’t bother picking up a Home Insurance Policy. Sure, many banks nowadays will not grant a Mortgage to an applicant, unless they also pay some kind of Insurance cover. But still, there are many people that have no insurance at all. Your home is likely going to be the biggest purchase you will ever make – why wouldn’t you want to protect that? This really should be a no brainer. Home Insurance policies are very affordable, and in the unfortunate event that you actually are required to make a claim against your policy, you will be glad that you are covered. It truly is amazing the amount of people who get “caught out” without insurance, and when something happens to their home that requires money to fix, they would then be glad of an insurance policy!

Now, your home insurance may arguably be the most important type of insurance you can buy. But, there are many other types of insurance policies out there – some which are equally as important, albeit in the short term, or perhaps even a once off event. A prime example of this is Wedding Insurance. For many people, a wedding is something that only happens once in their life. It is an expensive enough event, without you having to shell out further, for something that is out of your control, and you thought had already been sorted. An example – your wedding band decides to break up, you’ve paid them already, and can’t get the money back to book another band – an insurance policy sure would be handy in this scenario!

As you can see, for what is usually a small monthly payment, you can protect yourself from financially damaging situations – often which are out of your control. Why lose out having to finance something that you have already paid for, that has now been damaged in some way, and needs to be fixed. This is why having an insurance policy is a no brainer!

Insurance – It’s a No Brainer