How Working in The Cloud Could Help Your Business

This is a guest post by Jared Potter, a freelance writer and tech entrepreneur who has used virtual servers to help his business gain a competitive edge.

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Cloud computing is quickly becoming a standard in the way we work. Advances in Internet technology over the last few years has made it possible to carry out almost any task remotely, tapping into the power of the cloud. The recent launch of the Chromebook – a laptop stripped down to basics with a suite of sophisticated internet-based software packages, has put cloud computing firmly within reach of anyone with an Internet connection. But what can this new way of working do for your business?


Reduced costs


It is no longer necessary to spend thousands on the most up to date IT hardware to run your business effectively. Cloud computing services provide all the power you need at a monthly or yearly fee with no worry about downtime or hardware failures. Users can access the cloud from any computer with an Internet connection, and for most tasks, powerful machines are not needed.


An effective backup solution


To reduce the risks of losing money and business, it is vital to ensure the integrity of your data by backing it up on a regular basis. In traditional computing terms, this means buying a data storage device and manually running software to carry out the backup.  Cloud service providers on the other hand, will back up your data safely on virtual servers as part of the service, and can restore it quickly when needed.


Open the door for remote working


Running your business applications and storing your data through a cloud service provider means that staff can log on and work from anywhere, at any time of the day. There is no need to physically be at the office to do work and remote workers offer several advantages such as reduced cost to the company, higher efficiency and greater work satisfaction.


Improved collaboration


Several different users can access a document stored in the cloud simultaneously and updates to that document can take place in real time. Applications can be

Shared, activities can be monitored and staff meetings can take place remotely.


Increased storage space


No need to worry about running out of space on your hard disk ever again. Cloud computing services offer practically unlimited storage space on virtual servers, so it is not necessary to spend time clearing out files to make space.



When your business grows, it is easy to move to a higher capacity data package through your cloud service provider. There is no need to spend time buying and setting up upgrades when your applications are run through the cloud. Alternatively, if you find yourself needing to scale back and make savings, this is just as easy.


Automatic updates


Most cloud service providers offer automatic updates of software packages, meaning there is no need to waste valuable time re-installing software. Hardware upgrades can also be carried out without any intervention from your side and without losing work time or data.


Improved accessibility


Your files and programs can be accessed from anywhere so you can work whenever and wherever you like. Update documents from home, communicate with customers while away from the office or attend a meeting from the other side of the world. All these things are made possible with cloud computing.

How Working in The Cloud Could Help Your Business
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