How to Use Exact Match microsites for Lead Gen

Microsites are becoming increasingly popular amongst people for SEO and brand promotion. Microsites can do a lot of good for your website. The main reason for business to get a microsite is to build a catalogue of back links on a new domain, it also increases your page authority and, in time, it will boost your organic search rankings. Of course, micro sites are not for every business. If you are constantly being blogged about and have a large social media presence then creating a microsite may be a waste of your time. However, in most cases a microsite will be a very effective way forward for your business development and lead generation.


Here are some of the ways that a microsite will help your business:

Focus on one niche:

Microsites allow you to target a specific niche, they can be a very effective way for you to get great results from one particular part of your business. An industry where micro sites are becoming increasingly prevalent is finance, there are now a large number of finance companies using micros sites to up their lead generation and also back links. Having a functional website is key but essentially it will not increase your customer base, when you target a certain niche you will be focusing on a section of customers. Your micro site will bring these customers to you and then you will be able to entice them to sign up or contact you – again the finance companies are now experts at lead generation through micro sites, they offer online savings tools which draw potential customers to their sites.

Launching a new product:

If your business is planning to roll out a new advertising campaign, product/package or just to draw attention to certain aspects of the company that are not on the main website, then a micros site is just what you need. The micro site will be able to target potential new customers.

Buy an exact match microsite:

If you are having difficulty trying to rank highly for one of your keywords the purchasing an exact match domain name. Exact match micro sites are useful if you use them correctly, if you produce quality content on your exact match domain then it will get you some great results, if you can get some quality back links on there, make sure that it is user friendly and brand well then you will reap the benefits.

It is important for you to remember that building a micro site takes time, effort and quality content. If you are looking for an effective way to generate leads then micro sites are well worth your time.


How to Use Exact Match microsites for Lead Gen
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