How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off With Your Timeshare

Recent statistics show that timeshare fraud is very prevalent. There are many timeshare schemes popping up their ugly heads as people are desperately trying to sell their properties.


Many scams respond to people who were advertising their property online in a desperate bid to get rid of their timeshare. One such telemarketing scam made millions of dollars by getting unsuspecting sellers to pay them high fees in order to get it sold for them.

Beware of companies asking you for money upfront to cover costs like advertising.

These elaborate scams were very well thought out as once they scammed money from people(by leading them into thinking they would get their timeshare sold), they then set up another scam whereby they contacted the very same people they stole from promising them to pay more fees to “recover” the money already stolen! Double belly buster. And many people unfortunately fell for the second dose.

This is enough to scare anyone into not even thinking of getting involved with an external broker – preferring to do things alone.

However, there is a very reputable company called Right Choice Transfer that is completely above board and specialise in helping sellers to get rid of their timeshare property at the best price. They will take the hard work out of it, so you can relax and wait patiently.

If you are looking to use a company to sell it on for you then please consider the following points before you go ahead:

1. Are they readily available to talk to?

2. They never ask you for a fee upfront.

3. They know all the proper channels to go about advertising your property

4. They provide you with all the testimonials from customers that they have already helped.

If you take the time and correctly research all your options before you go full steam ahead then you will find suitable companies to work on your behalf. Don’t get lazy and become complacent, otherwise it will lead to disaster. Think of your timeshare property as your second home.

If you want to sell your timeshare, then take the time to do things the right way. Getting unstuck from a financial situation like this can change peoples lives, so pay attention or pay the much BIGGER price!

The saying holds true: If you think it costs a lot for a professional to do the work, then wait until you see how much an amateur costs!

How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off With Your Timeshare