How SMEs can use printers to maximise branding opportunities

With cash still tight for a lot of companies even a few years since the end of the recession, maximising branding opportunities is a vital way for firms to make successes of themselves.

Although new trends such as social media and digital marketing have seen a lot of businesses turn to the internet to reach customers, the printed word is still extremely powerful.

There is little else that can make the same impact as a great printed advertisement or banner, so companies must not forget about this type of marketing when setting their strategies.

Investing in A3 colour printers is therefore likely to remain on the agenda for a lot of businesses that want to make the most of their branding in the coming months and years.

Cost-effective branding tactics

While it can be tempting for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to employ a marketing company to produce all of their printed materials, or even go through the design stage themselves but outsource production to a print firm, this can be a waste of resources.

SMEs need to make every pound stretch as far as possible and it’s often possible to look within the organisation itself for great branding ideas and then follow them up to completion without ever having to pay another company at all.

This can be a brilliant way to keep budgets down, but having the right equipment in the office is going to be vital if businesses are to avoid having to splash out on costly print bills.

While an A3 colour printer can be a major investment for a smaller business, the truth is that it can pay for itself in the long run with the money the firm can save as a result.

Flexibility of printers

There’s a vast amount of products that can be created with this type of printer, which is why buying one is such a temptation for a lot of firms concerned about their spiralling marketing budgets as they try to reach new markets.

Among those that can easily and quickly be produced with an A3 colour printer are eye-catching flyers, posters and banners – which can all be an affordable yet effective method of raising awareness of the company and its products.

As well as these more basic items, smaller businesses that invest in a device like this can also create their own direct mail marketing materials, which remains one of the very best ways to target customers despite the rise of trendier options such as social media marketing.

With all the options available to a company with its own A3 colour printer, it is little wonder so many businesses are considering ditching their print suppliers and marketing agencies and electing to do everything themselves at a lower cost.

What else can an A3 colour printer do?

Firms will find it hard to believe at first just what they can do by using OKI Creative Media and they’re likely to wonder how they managed without it once they’ve got used to how it works.

A vast array of products can be created with this method, from mug boxes, tent cards and CD/DVD wraps to wine boxes and printable sleeves – making them highly versatile.

The versatility and flexibility of this type of printer is a massive plus point for companies wanting to change the way they develop marketing materials – and the reduced cost from bringing these operations in house is also another vital advantage.

Buying an A3 colour printer might seem like a major outgoing for a smaller firm, but it can really pay for itself in the long run, making it a smart investment for a company in any sector.

How SMEs can use printers to maximise branding opportunities
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