Here come the graduates

School is finally out for summer – and that means that the graduate recruitment market is about to be positively flooded with CVs and keen, young talent fresh out of university.

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This should be a really exciting opportunity for managers and directors looking to recruit sales staff for their businesses, as graduates might be just the ticket when it comes to the particular attributes and qualities necessary for such a role.

They are knowledgeable

In an industry as fluid as sales, knowledge is everything. If you don’t understand the market, how trends operate or have an insight into purchasing behaviours, communication channels and motivations, you don’t stand a chance as a salesperson.

This is where graduates are the holy grail in a way that older, experienced employees can never be – no matter how much training you give them. Graduates understand a demographic that can be very hard to reach. While being young and dynamic are desirable qualities in themselves, the knowledge youngsters possess could prove invaluable not only to your company but also its overarching culture.

Furthermore, the younger generation generally has a more solid grasp of technology and social media than their elder counterparts – both tools which are increasingly becoming gamechangers in the world of sales, so you may well just need youngsters’ know-how.

They are ambitious

This goes without saying. Having just entered the working world, for graduates the only way is up. A burning desire to do well and progress can only be a positive attribute.

However, this can also manifest itself in another favourable way – graduates are probably more likely to understand that they may trip and fall, and have the confidence to get back up again. They want to learn lessons, they want to find out what works and what doesn’t. In other words, they are not as rigidly moulded as a more established employee might be, which could see new life breathed into your sales team as graduates want to try new things.

Fresh out of university, a passionate ex-student has evidently been thriving off the idea of change and moving forward – it has been the overarching theme of their life recently. Companies should capitalise on this.

In effect, they represent something of a willing empty canvas for you to shape, mould, teach, direct and guide into your company. This will likely make them a far more seamless addition to your payroll than someone who arrives at your company with preconceived ideas of their own and a set of beliefs and principles fostered through working in another firm.

They are competitive

A healthy sense of competition is no bad thing when it comes to commission-based roles such as sales ones.

The education system nowadays fosters a culture that is increasingly results-oriented. While the advantages and disadvantages of this in these establishments continues to be hotly disputed, having young minds who thrive on coming out top of the class – because that’s what it has been drilled into them to do – can be no bad thing when it comes to sales figures.

Having a desire to do better than a colleague is what sees graduate sales reps ready and willing to go the extra mile – whether this means working an extra hour on the odd day or volunteering to relocate. Without restrictions on them – such as having a family, for example – graduates are looking after number one to be the best they can be.


Here come the graduates
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