Health sector innovation: a success story  

Founded in 2005 by John Stinson, Clear Image Devices LLC aims to resolve the challenges faced by radiology technology, namely how to keep patients correctly positioned, stationary, and comfortable during x-rays and scans so that accurate results can be obtained. Providing award-winning and innovative technology to health care facilities nationally, the company has gone from strength to strength in recent years and is consistently recognized as the most reliable and high quality supplier of positioning and protective devices.

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Clear Image Devices, or CiD, after which the company is named, ensure that all patients are kept comfortably in position during their x-rays. This ensures that images aren’t spoiled by movement, which can occur during particularly lengthy scans, or in instances of infant x-rays. The company also provides panel protection devices, which can be used to safeguard x-ray equipment against damage, as well as helping to increase their longevity.


Clear Image Devices: the product range

The latest innovation in imagery technology includes the pediatric positioning device, ‘Pedi-Poser’, which offers, “fast, gentle, and secure positioning” for pediatric x-ray procedures. Designed for children from infancy to four years of age, the device features a rotating chair for multiple imaging options, lockable casters that provide mobility and stability, and a chinstrap to support infants’ heads during x-ray.


The ‘1-Step’, ‘2-Step’, and ‘3-Step’ Patient Positioning Platforms assist with the easy capturing of weight-bearing x-ray images, such as those of knees, ankles, feet, and the lower leg. Featuring a guardrail, the device offers comfort and support to patients who are required to stand for long periods of time, while the varied steps make it easy for radiology technicians to capture images at different heights.


Providing assistance during digital radiography, the ‘2-Step Platforms for C-Arm and U-Arm DR Systems’ are compatible with a range of existing digital technologies. This means that systems won’t require costly updates before the devices can be installed.


The benefits of Clear Image Devices

Each Clear Image Device has been consistently proven to improve patient safety, provide more accurate imaging results, and ensure quicker scans and readable results. As well as benefiting the technician, the devices also provide a better level of comfort and reassurance to patients; more accurate results can be achieved much more quickly, allowing for a minimum number of retakes and reducing the time a patient must remain immobile.


Each device is portable and can be transferred between departments at the hospital or clinic. Simple to use, the Clear Image Devices are easily cleaned and maintained, while numerous adaptions and innovations to early designs mean that patients of all shapes and sizes can be accommodated; this makes for a much more cost effective solution to the challenges faced in radiology departments. More than that, though, each device is designed to offer cassette protection, ensuring that expensive imaging cassettes remain intact during lengthy or complicated radiology procedures.


Custom design

For those with more complex imaging issues, Clear Image Devices is happy to provide a custom service, designing units that will better meet a hospital or clinic’s patient requirements. The company welcomes the opportunity to work with health care providers in order to identify a clear need for Clear Image Devices, and is constantly developing its products to suit an ever-demanding market.

Health sector innovation: a success story