Great tips to improve revenue with Marketing Analytics


Marketing analytics and big data are fast becoming even more valuable than people once thought. The value of the data itself is the same as it has always been, but the market is finally appreciating how useful marketing analytics may be, and so they are paying top dollar for it. Even Twitter is getting in on the act and is offering marketing analytics and data without the need to go through third parties.

Trial and error testing is more efficient with marketing analytics

It is up to you to use every campaign and all of your business interactions to learn about and grow your business. If you are not learning, then you are failing. What is the point in creating a fantastic marketing campaign if you do not have the data needed to recreate the success over and over again.

It is up to you to learn as much as you can from every business interaction, and as you know, trial and error testing cannot function correctly without accurate measurement. Marketing analytics offer fairly accurate measurement, so that companies can truly learn from every trial and error test and ergo may learn from every business interaction.

Variable prices is a possibility

Marketing analytics will help you predict when your product/service will sell and when there will be remaining inventory or slow periods. If your business model suits, you can have your prices altered to match the mood of your consumer or the current demand.

Such a move is risky in some industries because dynamically changing prices may encourage people to postpone buying from you until the right price comes along. On the other hand, there are some industries that will find dynamic price changes (based on marketing analytics) are of great worth. For example, if you sell tickets to football matches, then dynamic pricing based on good marketing analytics may make you a small fortune by optimizing your conversions and profit efficiency.

Dynamic Web Content

As you already know, marketing analytics will go a long way to helping you customise your website for your target audience. Using marketing analytics, along with other user data, you can create dynamic and responsive websites that alter their content to suit the user, to create a personalised experience. Good marketing analytics may help you increase conversions slightly, and great marketing analytics could help you produce tremendous results. Added to which, if you continue to mine your own campaigns, platforms, websites and users for data, then you can further improve and optimise your conversion process to produce truly extraordinary results.

Tim Aldiss writes for Cloud iQ the conversion optimisation specialists

Great tips to improve revenue with Marketing Analytics