FX Market Leaders Launches the New and Improved Premium Forex Signals Service

(10/07/2013) FX Market Leaders, a leading trading community and provider of Forex signals, has released its improved version of the premium Forex signals services, which provides unique features.

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The official launch of the premium service was one month ago, on August 1st, and according to FX Market Leader’s marketing manager, more than 500 happy traders have already purchased the service.

For some time, the system was going through Beta testing, in which a small number of members had access to the premium service. The Beta was a huge success and received feedback that the users wanted to get notifications, emails and sound alerts, which will make their trading simple and convenient.

Ben Stewart, a leading FX Market Leaders’ analyst, described the work on the premium service: “we have invested years of experience in building tools that help traders understand the financial market, and improve the way they make trading decisions. Our premium service is without any doubt the best version we have built so far; it allows our members to react faster, and in a more accurate way, to trading opportunities”.

Since the premium service was launched, more improvements have been made in the system. The sound alerts are now web-based (supported by YouTube audio), which makes it possible to get the alerts even if your device do not support the sound application. Also, the time period from the moment the signals turn active until the trader receives the email alert has shortened – to less than 10 seconds on average.

The FX Market Leaders’ community is made up of experts, private investors and beginners. It has established over 20,000 people who visited and used the website over the course of 2013 and the community is growing fast. The FX Market Leaders team is focused on making a trading environment which suits all traders, and is best fit for making trading easy and profitable.

This new Forex system might make a big change for Forex signals trading. The new system is an accessible and easy system, in which anyone who is interested can follow expert traders and live buy/sell signals.

The new and improved premium Forex signals service has been designed for traders who want to upgrade their trading involvement without waiting for new alerts and being online all day long. A premium member gets immediate email notifications and also sound alerts for new signals, as well as closed signals.

It should be emphasized that there is no difference between the free and the premium service. The signals are exactly the same, and are shown in real time, both on the free and the premium platform. The difference is the premium features, such as the sound alerts and the email notifications, which makes Forex trading convenient and efficient.

FX Market Leaders is a stand out for its effort to make the design of the trading environment suitable for both advanced and beginners in Forex trading. The FX Market Leaders team thinks that the demand for Forex trading will continue growing, because it offers people the opportunity to earn money online even when the economy is problematic. The premium Forex signals service is suitable for PC and Smartphone trading so anyone who wants to trade Forex can do so at their comfort.

The future seems bright for FX Market Leaders. New features, like SMS notifications and binary options signals are under creation, and are planned to be launched before the end of 2013.

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FX Market Leaders Launches the New and Improved Premium Forex Signals Service
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