A Complete Checklist for Buying a Printer for Your Small Business

Every business needs to have the proper equipment to function properly and where office machines are concerned, a printer should be on top of the list. There are a lot of printers which are available in the market today but it remains to be a necessity to find the best printer for small business. The criteria that you need to follow vary depending on certain factors and if you are trying to decide the best choice, here are some items that should be on your checklist:

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Function: When you are shopping for a printer for your small business, you have to decide on what its intended purpose should be. If you are still in the process of purchasing your equipment, it would be more cost-effective to choose a printer which can perform other functions which can include scan, email, fax and photocopy. If, on the other hand, you have separate equipment which can cater to other functions, you can simply choose a printer that is optimized for printing. Either way, you have to take stock of what equipment you have before deciding on which printer is best for your business.

Size: One of the most overlooked factors when shopping for a printer is the size. Even the name of the printer itself can be misleading. For instance, a desktop printer might be bigger than what you expected. So, it is very important to see the size for yourself so that you can assess whether it would fit your office and if you have the space for it.

Output Quality: It is undeniable that there is a varying need for the output quality of printed material. This would entirely depend on the kind of business that you are running. Be sure to check the graphics, the photos and the text separately so that you can judge for yourself whether that printer would be good enough for you. Think whether you are going to produce your own marketing material or not and if you are just going to print lots of plain text documents.

Quantity: When shopping for a printer, people often overlook the fact that the printing capacity of their machine is limited. There are several things that you have to pay attention to such as the amount of paper that you can load in your paper tray and the maximum quantity that you can print without causing damage to your machine. This capacity should be part of your criteria especially when you want your machine to last longer. While on the subject, it is also vital to check the paper sizes that can be handled by your printer.

Printing Speed: A slow printer in a fast paced environment can be the bane of your existence and this should be one thing to avoid when you are planning to run an office efficiently. You should be well aware that you need the actual throughput to judge the speed of the machine.

Cost: This is definitely the biggest factor that can influence your decision over what kind of printer to purchase for your company. Be sure to ask for quotations from various suppliers and to compare brands in order to get the best deals. For a small business, you will definitely need a machine which is priced reasonably.

Choosing the right equipment for your office can be challenging especially if you want to make sure that you will have access to the most efficient machines. When shopping for printers, check if you have covered all of your bases so that you can avoid making the wrong choice. Be sure to identify what you need first and search for those qualities in machines which are offered in the market.


A Complete Checklist for Buying a Printer for Your Small Business