4 signs that your business needs PR help

Small business tend to underestimate the power of public relations. They either see it as a problem advertising will solve, or try to manage it themselves. If any of these warning signs look familiar, you may need PR help.

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Your advertising isn’t working

A lot of small business fail to understand that their products and services are perceived differently when they are featured by a third party. Whilst advertising does have its place, a lot of consumers are apprehensive of being directly sold to. They know that you’re only going to say the best possible things about your company, so when a third party endorses your product, it carries a lot more weight.


You’re managing your own PR

There’s a lot to organise and take care of when you’re starting a new business. Trying to maintain a consistent and effective public relations strategy can be near impossible when you have a million-and-one other things to do. Enlisting the help of a specialist company like Pelican PR will allow you to delegate those responsibilities so that can you concentrate on other things.

PR companies will help raise your brand awareness and deliver your message to the public. A team of specialists can help manage your social media presence and your B2B PR (business-to-business) for a relatively low cost. When your target audience is other businesses, you need to be able to promote your company first and your product or service second.


Google can’t find you

Most people aren’t willing to go any further than the first page of search results: so if Google can’t find you, neither can your customers. PR companies will attempt to get news stories written about you or a broadcast clip posted online. These increase the amount of inbound links to your website and helps you work your way up the ranks. This infographic from ZippyCart is a fantastic illustration on how Google works.


Your bottom line is small

Advertising is expensive. And as we discussed before, the benefits aren’t always immediately noticeable. PR is much more cost effective for small businesses. It’s a great way to encourage growth, brand awareness and increase your sales through word of mouth. Be sure to read our article on growing your business if you need further advice.

4 signs that your business needs PR help
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